Just Released: New iPod Range

I can already hear you saying, “Yesss!” Lucky for all of us, another great range of iPods have hit the shelves. But, apart from a few design changes, Apple’s new iPods aren’t too much to get excited about. Here’s what Steve Jobs had to say about the situation. Trust me, it’s a must read!

iPod Nano

I know, they sort of look like those cheap iPod knockoffs you see on eBay. With all of the new colors, it’s not hard to see why Apple is promoting them as “nano-chromatic.”

The new iPod Nanos also have a built-in accelerometer. All you have to do is shake your iPod and the songs in your music library will be “shuffled” around. Apple has also integrated a wide screen on the new iPod Nano, so your pictures can always be seen in full size.

You know about the Genius Bars from Apple, right? Well, the “Genius” feature in the new iPod Nano is like “your personal DJ,” according to Apple. The feature is supposed to choose songs that match each other and compile them into a Genius Playlist.

iPod Classic and Touch

The iPod Classic and the iPod Touch both got the Genius update like the iPod Nano, but surprisingly, they didn’t get much else. Apple has taken away the 80 GB and 160 GB options, replacing them with a one-size-fits-all 120 GB model. The only good thing is the iPod Touch now has an accelerometer, which makes it even better for games. Other than that, the updates are pretty dry this year.

Of course, the iPod is still a great music player, so if you’d like to check out the new versions, you can do so by visiting store.apple.com. I’m sure they’ll be in stores soon as well. Enjoy!

~ Brandon Zubek