Painting by the Rows?

Or, if you please, by the columns!

I don’t know about you, but I just love the MS Office Format Painter button.

That amazing little feature can quickly transfer formatting aspects to other locations in your file, without changing the actual text or data. Marvelous!

Much to my amazement, despite the frequency of which I use the Format Painter, it never occurred to me just how flexible it can be in Excel.

Just in case it never occurred to you either, the Format Painter can be applied to an entire row or column.

With the Format Painter active, you simply need to click on the row number or column letter to have Excel instantly apply the formatting all the way across or down.

(To activate the Format Painter feature, highlight a cell or text with the desired formatting and then click on the Format Painter button).

Even better, if you need multiple rows or columns formatted, click on the first, hold and drag the mouse across or down the labels and then release the mouse button when you’ve highlighted what you need.

Voila. Formatting transferred to more cells than you could ever imagine with just a few clicks!

~ April