Zip Decode

This Web site is a really fun application! What you see is a map of the U.S.A. and what you’re going to do is put in zip codes. Let’s check it out!

For example, type in my zip code: 43610

It will show you exactly where my zip code is on the map. Then if you click the Z key or click on the word Zoom, it will zoom in on that location. In the zoomed in mode, the other dots represent the zip codes near by.

If you hold down the Shift key and type in more numbers, it will change the location. So, let’s try 44052. That’s the zip code I grew up in.

The image of the map itself is all the dots of the zip codes. Isn’t it interesting that it still keeps the shape of the country?!

I like to put in random numbers and see where I end up. I found out where 72560, 81501 and 12345 were!

Check this Web site out and remember to have fun with it!

~ Amanda