The Case of the Missing Labels

Have you used MS Excel 2007 to make a chart lately?

Did you feel like you missed a step or something?

I mean, you highlighted your data, used the Insert tab on the ribbon to select a chart type and poof! A chart appeared in your worksheet.

Sounds nice and fast, but wait just a minute. What about all the details the older versions of Excel would allow you to put in through the Chart Wizard?

You know, “small things,” such as axes labels, a chart title, grid lines on the graph, etc. Yes, all the things that are key components to ensuring your audience understands exactly what they’re looking at.

Have you looked for them?

If you only found a way to insert a chart, but no formatting options, you may be a bit frustrated.

So, how can you get the formatting options back?

Well, actually, Excel brings them to you!

Upon the insertion of a chart, Excel will automatically display three extra tabs on the ribbon. Together, they’re labeled as Chart Tools.

As you can see, there are tabs for Design, Layout and Format.

While there are interesting and eye-catching options on all of the tabs, most of the missing labels and whatnot can be found on the Layout tab.

You’re now ready for business as usual!

~ April