Calories Per Hour

I really like the approach this Web site takes for weight loss. They’re not telling you to go run a marathon tomorrow, only drink water or give up all the foods you love. No, it’s much easier than that!

Diet and Weight Loss Tips – In this section, you’ll find practical tips for diet and weight loss. Each tip discusses something different and gives you a link to a related article with more information on the subject.

Tutorial – Here you have access to the whole tutorial. The tutorial’s purpose is to give you a solid foundation that will help you put an end to the dieting cycle.

Calories Burned Calculator – Here you’ll find calculators for your BMI (Body Mass Index), BMR and RMR (Basal and Resting Metabolic Rates), an activity calculator and five advanced calculators tuned for specific activities. Each calculator has a tutorial article linked at the bottom of the section, so you’ll learn exactly how everything works in conjunction with weight loss.

Food Calories & Nutrition Calculator – I suggest starting by clicking on the Help button for this calculator, because it will give you clear instructions as to what you need to do. Basically, what it does is allow you to input food items and calculate the calories for them. If you check out the food lists, you’ll find fast food information and some stats on frozen foods and prepackaged foods as well.

Weight Loss Calculator – This section provides three calculators for you. One that lets you calculate the time to reach your weight loss goal, one that lets you calculate the daily calorie deficit to reach your weight loss goal and one that lets you calculate your weight loss over time.

Weights & Measures Converter – This is a converter that allows you to convert weight, height and food measurements to the metric version and back again.

Weight Loss Forums – Here you’ll find people who will support your weight loss efforts, who you can ask questions or even give answers to. The forum has topics on eating disorders, dietary supplements, surgery, diet plans, training and more!

This Web site will educate you on how to live healthy and lose those extra pounds!

~ Amanda