Flock: Fashion Edition

As you may recall, awhile back, we here at WorldStart talked about a Web browser called Flock. Many of you fell in love with it, because it’s a very social oriented browser and it met all of your browsing needs. Well, just a couple months ago, the people over at Flock released a new version of their popular Web browser and I think several of you are really going to like it. I’m here to tell you all about it today, so let’s get right to it!

Back in July 2008, Flock released a new Gloss edition of their browser and it’s devoted to fashion, entertainment and lifestyle trends. So, if you’re into keeping up with those types of things, the Gloss browser is going to come in very handy. According to the Flock Web site, the Gloss edition is “the world’s first fashion and entertainment browser designed to help people keep up with the latest fashion trends and celebrity lifestyle scoop.”

Flock has teamed up with some of the best sources (including Glam, PopSugar, InStyle, ThisNext, DesignerApparel and AllTop) to give you a daily helping of “fashion inspiration, celebrity dish and trends.” All of the information is updated regularly, so you won’t ever miss out on any important news (or gossip!) Once you start using Gloss, you’ll be the one everyone comes to for the latest fashion and celebrity news. You can check the new Gloss edition out for yourself by going to flock.com/gloss. Enjoy!

~ Erin