Have you ever sent out an e-mail and received a message back telling you that you forgot to attach whatever you were sending? That happens to me so often and it’s starting to get embarrassing! That is, until I found Gmail’s Forgotten Attachment Detector. With it, you’ll never forget an attachment again! Here’s how:

1.) Go to http://www.gmail.com and sign in to your Gmail account.

2.) Click on the Settings button.

3.) Next, click on the Labs tab.

4.) Then scroll down to the Forgotten Attachment Detector and select Enable.

5.) Lastly, scroll down even further and click on Save Changes. Now, all that’s left is to test it out!

As you can see, I forgot the attachment, but that’s the last time that will ever happen. The Forgotten Attachment Detector comes to my rescue every time!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I already do!

~ Brandon Zubek