Small Screen + Outlook 2007 = No Problem!

Do you work with a fairly small computer monitor?

I know there are some frustrating moments for me at work, because my monitor there is significantly smaller than the one I have at home. You know, once you work on a larger monitor, it’s hard to adjust backwards.

But luckily, when it comes to MS Outlook 2007, there are a few ways to see more and have everything displayed at the same time!

My preferences in Outlook 2007 include having the Navigation Pane and the To-Do Bar available for easy use. And let’s face it, that’s a big chunk of visual space taken on both the left and right sides of the screen.

However, I stumbled across a way to keep them handy while saving space as well. That’s right, something like this:


Yep, I thought you might be, so here’s the trick!

On each of the bars, you’ll find chevrons that will minimize the bar or pane.

Clicking on the chevron will reduce the information to a small strip on the side of the program window.

Now, I bet more than a few of you are wondering how that helps, since so little of the bar or pane’s elements are shown. Don’t worry, that’s easily addressed as well!

See at the top where the title of the pane or bar is located?

Click on the title.

That will expand temporarily, giving you access to whatever elements would normally be displayed, but are now minimized.

When you’re done with the expansion, it will fold back into the minimized pane or bar, once again leaving you with a clear view of the items that matter the most!

~ April