Password Meter

Of all the password Web sites I’ve brought you, I think this one is my absolute favorite! It’s not trying to help you create a password, but it’s trying to help you make your password more secure by testing it against the criteria they have set up.

Go ahead and type in the password you’d like to test. As you type it in, you’ll see the areas on the chart below start to change. That’s because they’re grading your password. Directly beneath the password box, you’ll see a bar that changes colors as your password goes from weak to strong or if you’re lucky, very strong.

The fields below show the areas your password is being tested in. Beneath that, you’ll see the legend for scoring:

Blue is Exceptional.
Green is Sufficient.
Yellow indicates a Warning.
Red indicates a Failure.

The next area beneath the legend is a quick footnote area that covers the factors in scoring your password. For example, it explains what’s meant by flat, incr, n and len.

What I hope you’ll do with this site is test your current password and see what you can do to make it stronger. I’ll be very honest with you. My own password didn’t fair very well and I’ve since modified it along the lines of what they’re testing for.

It has given me more peace of mind with my e-mail, online banking and online shopping. Try it today!

~ Amanda