The Larger View

Do you often work with MS Excel 2007?

Ever wish for a quick way to enlarge an area of your worksheet so that you can see the details a little closer?

While I know you’ve all found that Ctrl + scrolling the mouse wheel will do the trick quickly, you probably also found that you can easily go right by the zoom you needed.

I’m also sure you’ve found the zoom setting you can set to whatever percentage you choose. Again, it’s a hit or miss as to what percent to use.

Well, if you have a specific range of cells you want to see a bit closer in Excel 2007, may I suggest the Zoom to Selection button?

Here’s the scoop!

First, let’s locate the Zoom to Selection button. It’s located under the View tab on the ribbon.

Using it is as easy as 1, 2. Yep, just 1 and 2!

1.) Select the range of cells you want Excel to zoom in on.

2.) Click the Zoom to Selection button.

That’s it!

Excel automatically sets the zoom percentage to maximize the view of the selected cells. Obviously, the more you select, the smaller the zoom percentage will be.

In fact, I’m sure at least some of you have realized this can work both ways. You can use it to see items enlarged, but you can also select more than you currently see on the screen and have Excel shrink everything to fit in one screen view.

I’m positive your next question is how to undo the zoom change. Am I right?

Well, in the same section of the View tab, you’ll find the 100% and Zoom buttons.

If you’re like me, you can just hit the 100% button.

If you have some other zoom you prefer, you can click on the Zoom button and set your preference in the dialogue window that opens.

It’s time to zoom, zoom, zoom!

~ April