Here’s one of the most useful
items that I’ve ever found in the programs of any office suite… it’s the Format

This little gem can save
you tons of time when it comes to formatting fonts, cells, paragraphs, etc.

Here’s how it works.

Let’s say you’ve got some
text that you’ve spent a lot of time making “beautiful”. You’ve changed
the font, the font size or maybe applied a text style to it.

Whatever you’ve done, you
really love it.

Too bad you completed all
the formatting steps for just this one area of selected text, because now there are
other sections of the file where you want to make those same changes.

Do you move from place to
place and start the process each time you get there?

No, let’s hope not!

Here’s how the Format Paintbrush
can save you a lot of time and pain.

-Simply place your
cursor in a word that has the formatting
you’re looking to apply elsewhere.

-Now click the Format
Paintbrush button

-Go to the location
where the formatting should be applied
and highlight everything to be


When you release the mouse
button, the text will not change but the formatting of the text will now be exactly
the same as the place where you started, and the Formatting Paintbrush feature
has been turned off.

Need to take that formatting
to multiple places?

-Double-click the Format
will turn the feature on for multiple uses…

-Move through the document
and select any text to be changed one area after another.

-You’ll be able to continue
clicking in different places until you turn the feature off by either clicking
the Format Paintbrush button again
or hitting the Esc key.

That’s all there is to it…
formatting that’s so good, it’s worth repeating can now be repeated without an
investment of time or energy.

~ April