If you use Outlook for appointments or reminders, I’m sure you’ve seen the Reminders Window on more than one occasion.

(Yes – mine is empty. Must mean that I’m all caught up, right? Yeah, right – I wish…)

Anyway, I know that I’m not the only one who has accidentally closed that thing before I meant to, and now I’m wishing I could see the list again. (Unfortunately, my Reminders Window is rarely empty at work.)

The question is, do you have to wait until it pops open again, or can you get to it whenever you need it?

Immediate access to my reminders sounds like the best option to me and fortunately that’s exactly what we have.

All you need to know is how. So, let’s take a look.

For Outlook versions that have the menus (this would include Outlook 2007) you’re looking for the View menu.

You’ll find an entry for Reminders Window about half-way down the list.

Outlook 2010 users, the first version to have the Ribbon in Outlook, will need to go to the View tab.

On the far right side, in the Window group, click the Reminders Window button.


Accidental closer fixed, your reminders are in plain sight again, and you’re back to business as usual.

~ April