Salsa-mole – my most-requested recipe.

People love it, even though it’s not much more than a few avocados with some salsa mixed it. So I’m sharing the recipe. I know Salsa- mole basically translates to sauce/sauce, but it feels wrong to call it guacamole when it really isn’t the traditional guac. I plan on calling the batch I mix up for December 21st 2012 – Appocaomole… But I digress.  Get you some ripe avocados and let’s hope they aren’t bruised.

Scoop them out into a bowl using a spoon. How many depends on how much guac you want.

Now squeeze lime juice on them. I like to use this little citrus squeezer.  The lime juice is very important. Otherwise the avocado will turn brown when it hits the air. Lime or lemon juice also works to stop apples from turning brown.

Now mash it all together. How fine you mash depends on how chunky you want your dip.
Then grab a pack of this

I’m such a gourmet.  Now dump this into the avocado and lime mixture

Then grab yourself a jar of this high-end cheffy ingredient:

That would be Salsa, not Raspberry Jam or Mayo.  Hot, medium or mild. Any brand you prefer. Use about half a jar and drain all the liquid from it using a strainer. Then if you feel a little fancy, you can do what I did this time:

I put the drained salsa on foil on a baking sheet and stuck it under the broiler to get just a little charred. It tasted pretty darn good.

Now mix it all together and if you like, snip in a little of this:

Fresh Cilantro – this is from my garden.  Now give a taste and add salt and pepper as needed.

Now if you are not going to serve immediately, I want to you cover it very tightly with plastic, the plastic pressing right down on the dip. The lime helps prevent some browning from the air, but not all of it.

Now grab some tortilla chips. It’s also great on a taco or even on a sandwich.

Ingredient List:

Avocados  4 to 6
Half a jar of the salsa of your choice – drained
1 package of guacamole mix – mild, med or hot depending on your preference
Juice of one lime
Fresh cilantro – if desired
salt and pepper to taste.

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