Sangria Blanco – My summer beverage – we all know how important white blood cells are.

This is my favorite summer beverage. I first had a glass at a restaurant and I thought, “I can do that better and for less than eight dollars a glass.” So here’s my recipe for white peach sangria. Slice an orange and a lime and drop them in a pretty pitcher.

Now time for the booze.  Add two shots each of peach schnapps and two shots of Triple Sec.

Then half a bottle of  sweet white wine.

Then fill the pitcher the rest of the way up with white peach grape juice. I use Kroger brand. But Dole has a version or you could just use plain white grape juice.  Give it a good stir and let it meld in the fridge for awhile.

Instead of ice, I like to use frozen peaches and cherries in the glass. You don’t dilute the flavor and you get delicious boozy fruit.

It goes well with Bacon Lollipops, Salsa-Mole & 3-Alarm Baked Beans

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