MS Office 2010: Resize and Rotate Pictures With Your Keyboard

Looking to change the size of a picture, Clip Art or drawing shape that you’ve inserted into an Office 2010 file? Maybe you’re looking to increase the size of one element in your SmartArt?

It’s a bit of a pain… select the object, be sure to slowly move the mouse pointer over a corner or side handle so you can click, hold and drag to the new size at just the right moment (when the cursor turns into a double-sided arrow).

Or… what about when you want to rotate one of these things? Now we’ve got to be sure to grab the little green handle since anything else will re-size it instead of rotating it.

If you hate all that handle holding then you might want to give these quick key combinations a try.

For any of this to work you’ll need to select the object. (If you’re working with a text box be sure to select the text box and not click into it to edit text.)

Shift + Arrow key will re-size your shape or picture.

  • I found that the up and down keys will increase and decrease the height of the object and the left / right keys control the width.
  • For a picture that had the aspect ratio locked the height and width moved together keeping the re-sizing process from distorting the picture.

Alt + Left / Right Arrow keys will rotate the shape or picture in 15 degree increments.

Earth shattering key combinations to cut our workload in half?


Useful tricks in the never-ending quest to use the mouse less and the keyboard more?

You bet.

~ April

0 thoughts on “MS Office 2010: Resize and Rotate Pictures With Your Keyboard

  1. You people really are fixated on your keyboards! How about some tips for those of us who think the keyboard is for typing text and the mouse is for everything else? That is to say, most people – including the ones who write the programs. We would like to know more ways of doing things without having to let go of the mouse. This, to us, is also a never-ending quest.

  2. Thanks for this typ.
    The visually impaired community appreciates the use of the keyboard shortcuts.
    It is also an eficient way and sometimes faster to just use hot keys instead of switching from the keyboard to the mouse.

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  5. I had just heard about this and I was happy to see that the second combination worked for me to rotate pics. but the first one did not 🙁

  6. Did you also know that CTRL+SHIFT with the arrow key alters the image size in smaller increments than with just the SHIFT key?

  7. Hey, have you got this one for 2007? I’ve been getting these tips for several years now and really find them useful. Love the keyboard shortcuts…thanks!

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