Welcome to pearltrees – a site that gives you the tools to cultivate your interests online! I discovered this site while looking for ways to manage my bookmarked and favorited sites – as you can imagine, I have a ton of them. I thought it would be nice to be able to organize them into easily accessible categories like video games, knitting, crocheting, literature, history, music, etc. At the end of my search I was at Pearl Trees and more than ready to give it a whirl.

To start your visit at pearltrees, I’m going to recommend that you watch the video on the main page, which will show you how it works and explain the basic premise of the site and its functionality. Then I’d suggest that you click the Prefer to See Some Nice Examples of Pearltrees? link, which will whisk you away to interactive examples you can click through to get a real feel for how the site works.  Notice that you can not only explore the circles on the page and open the content linked to them, but you can also click on the arrows in each direction to open up more pearltrees to explore.

After clicking through the examples and exploring the pearltrees you’ll have a good idea if this is a site you’ll use to manage and organize your favorite content on the web. IF you’ve decide to take the plunge and join pearltrees, registration is easy!

Back on the main page there is a registration form that you’ll fill out by creating a username and password, (and providing a working e-mail address). You can also use your Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts to login. If you use Facebook, Twitter, or Google – you’ll sign in with that account and be presented with a form to fill in other details. I chose to edit my username at this point. Click the next buttons to navigate through the rest of the account setup steps.

After you’ve created your account you’ll have the opportunity to watch a few videos on how to use the site and if you’re using Internet Explorer you can download Pearler  – an extension that will let you add websites to your pearltrees as you browse the internet.  You’ll just click the pearltree button when you’re on a page you want to add and then select where you want your new pearl to go! It is that simple!  

This site (and the pearler option) is going to make it so easy for me to get all of my bookmarked and favorited sites in order.  Go check it out today!


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