The HTML5 Gendered Advertising Remixer turned out to be one of the most fun media sites I’ve checked out in a while. I think as a whole we know that advertising is ridiculously gendered so that the products sell to the right marker, but what I discovered is how hilarious it is when you use the remixer to swap the gender of the advertisements.

Basically you are offered a selection of commercials for boys and girls selling toys and you can swap either the video or the audio with the remixer. To get started you need to pick a commercial from each side to mash up! To play the video click the green Mash Up button. After watching your mash up you can swap the video and sound so it is reversed by clicking the blue Swap button. To start all over with different videos click the red Clear button.  

My favorite mashup is the boys commercial for the pirate ship (boy’s side: first column, third video) with the peacock Barbie commericial for girls (girl’s side: first column, fourth down). The sound from the pirate commercial plays over the video of the Barbie commercial and at one point it look like the dog is talking! It’s so funny!