Mystery Photos: What lies inside the envelope

I had lunch with my good friend Cheryl and she brought this along. While cleaning out an old CD holder at her house, she had come across this photo envelope. Inside, were pictures that obviously belonged to me. Pictures from 1998. Holy time capsule, Batman!  She wasn’t sure how the envelope ended up at her house for all these years. I think I remember that my camera started acting up and I took it over for her husband the photographer to look at. I think he might have had the film developed, the pictures are very, very fuzzy.

Among the finds: photos of my late, great cat Spot.

The first cat Tim ever loved hanging with his Daddy at our giant old computer.

I want to pick him up and snuggle him again. I miss him so. Spot that is, I still have Tim. I miss having a lap kitty.

He was a huge science fiction fan, that Spot. I so wish these photos weren’t fuzzy. Identify the Sci-Fi collectible at the far right…. Dare ya.  And also on the cat front, young Fido. Look, she’s so big!

Skinny in the end, I forgot what a chunk she was back in the day.  Now look at Tim – he’s so small!

And here I am with my friend Kelly. I’m so young!

But the big surpise was the photos from my Uncle Bill & Aunt Jenny’s surprise 50th Wedding Anniversary party. They are both gone now and I had no idea that I had pictures from the day.

They were completely surprised.
Practically the whole family was there.
Look how young everybody is.
Gracious, I think I need to lie down for awhile.

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