Welcome to the National Institute of Health’s site for Senior Health information.

I love that this site was designed with seniors in mind; the font is easily changed between three sizes and you can even change the contrast colors of the site so it is easier to read.

You’ll find two important menus – the one at the very top of the page (containing the categories Health Topics A-Z and Video A-Z), and the menu right on the main page that lists health topics by their first letter from A to Z. I love that they’ve made the Health Topics doubly accessible. You’ll also find a lot of great information featured on the main page like exercise stories, health video, and the link to sign up for e-mail updates. 

To begin navigating I’d suggest either clicking the letter of a health topic you are curious about or checking out the video topics.  When you explore a topic you’ll find lots of information, images, and links to more information – or even quizzes to help you fully understand the topic. If there is a video for that topic then you will find that too! 

This site is a great place to look into health topics that affect seniors. Check it out today!