Black Widow Brownies with Ganache – Jazzing up a box mix.

BlackWidow Brownines – Simple steps for jazzing up a box mix. Behold, my favorite boxed brownie mix:

Ghiradelli Double Chocolate is so delicious. Here’s how I make it even better –

I use melted butter instead of the oil called for on the box.

Then I add Saigon Cinnamon, which is stronger than regular cinnamon along with cayene pepper.

A teaspoon of cinnamon  and a 1/4 tsp of cayenne.

Stir it all up. Then it’s time to bake.

I like to bake them in muffin pans with liners. You’ll see why. I suggest buttering or hitting the liners with cooking spray first, since brownies tend to stick. Only fill the liner about half full. I got 15 out of the box, but it will depend on the size of your pans. Bake according to box directions. Usually about 325. These took about 25 minutes, but it will all depend on your oven. Once they are baked, allow them to cool and get cracking on the ganache frosting, it’s the simplest thing in the world and it takes barely more time than opening a can to create the most delicious thing ever.

Start with six ounces (3/4 cup) heavy cream. I want you to warm that in the microwave for about a minute until it gets very warm. If a minute doesn’t do it add another minute to it.  Then I want you to add this:

Then add six ounces of chocolate. Chocolate chunks, chocolate chips or chopped chocolate. Bittersweet is best or semisweet will work.

Stir the chocolate in. The heat of the milk will melt it.

Soon it will look like this: a beautiful satiny chocolate concoction. You can make however much you want. Just make sure you have equal parts chocolate and equal parts cream. You can also add vanilla or almond extract to the cream before you heat it for extra flavor. Now comes the fun part.

Spoon the luxurious liquid onto the brownies, filling to the top of the cupcake wrapper. That’s why we left the room.

See how pretty? Now put these babies in the fridge to set up, cause we are going to decorate.

My first stab at decorating was using red decorating gel, but I didn’t like the results.

So I cut an hourglass shape our of parchment paper.

And used ti as a stencil over the brownie to sprinke red sugar glitter.

I like these results much better. Though it could be neater.  They made a lovely dessert for our all day Marvel Movie Marathon.

And a nice 20th birithday cake for my Godson  Cameron.

All in all, a great day and a delicious dessert.

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