Captain America’s Shield Fruit Pizza

We had a Marvel Movie Marathon all day Saturday complete with three themed meals. I wanted to do fruit pizza in a close approximation of Captain America’s famous shield.

Dead on, don’t you think 🙂

Start out by baking a big round cookie. Whatever you like. This is a sugar cookie. You could do chocolate chip or oatmeal or even use pre-made cookie dough. I suggest tracing out the size of the serving dish you want to use on parchment paper and trying to make the cookie fit that.

Your topping. Half cream cheese and half marshmallow creme. Then stir in a few tablespoons of yogurt or sour cream for tanginess. Or it could even be all yogurt if you prefer. A few dashes of vanilla are pretty tasty as well. Just whip softened cream cheese, marshmallow creme and yogurt together until smooth.

Spread that on top of the cookie, leaving some room at the edge.

I wanted to do a star, so I printed one off and cut it out to use as a guide while place the blueberries.

In my head it was all a whole lot neater.

You could use any fruit and any shape or no shape.

Breakfast eaters, assemble!

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