Hangover Hash – An easy & delicious breakfast or snack.

One of my favorite breakfasts! So cheesy. So delicious. So quick and easy. Here are the ingredients:

  You start off with a pan of cut up bacon. How could anything that starts out with bacon be bad?

Now you fry that bacon until it is crispy. I used thick cut bacon, but you could use thin.

To that bacon you are going to add cooked, diced potatoes. You can use leftovers from potato salad or last night’s dinner. Or you could dice and then microwave them for five minutes in a convered dish. Peeling is not necessary. Or you could even thaw some frozen hashbrowns.
This dish also has spinach and tomatoes. If you’re using frozen spinach, make sure you thaw it and squeeze all of the water out. Make sure the tomatoes are diced and salted. If using cherry or grape tomatoes, make sure to cut them in half. Once the potatoes are brown, you can toss in the spinach and tomatoes.
Now separate your eggs and whisk the yolks together. I always store the whites in a freezer bag in the freezer and thaw them out as needed. They work just fine.
Then put the eggs along with the shredded cheese of your choice into a metal or ceramic bowl big enough to hold all of the hash. Don’t try this next step in the frying pan or you’ll just end up with scrambled eggs.
Stir them up and check the progress of what’s cooking in your pan. If the tomatoes and spinach are heated through, then dump it all into that bowl with the eggs and cheese.
Now stir it all up. The eggs and cheese with make a rich, delicious sauce to coat everything.
Salt and pepper to taste. Then serve. This is very rich, so it’s nice to have fruit as a side to help cut through that.

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