Are you tired of wasting paper trying to print off the information you need from a website? I know I’ve run into this problem a lot already this fall while trying to print off information from different college websites about how to apply (talk about convoluted!), but no more! Print What You Like lets you put in the URL and then select the portions of the site you want to print thus saving you paper and ink! 

To see how it works watch the video on the main page, it is under 2 minutes long, and helps make it very clear how to work the site. Then check out the demo where you can try it out to get more comfortable with using the elements, resizing them, isolating them, so that when you go to print what you want off a real website it isn’t confusing.

Now you’re ready to try it out on a website you want to print, just type or paste the URL to the website into the Enter a URL area and click the green Start button. I think you’ll be impressed and amazed with your control over what you print out. I know I was. If you’re using it on site like WorldStart to print out tips make sure you click into the article you want and paste in that address, or you’ll just have the site’s homepage.  

This is a great site that helps save you ink, paper, and eliminates the frustration of having to print 7 pages when you only wanted 1. Go check it out for yourself!