Windows Credential Manager is a handy feature that allows you to store passwords, certificates and other credentials for automatic log on in Windows. I put it to good use the other day when I was having an issue logging into a website. I thought I had the correct password stored, but I was able to go to Windows Credential Manager and see that I had apparently missed a letter when I stored my password. It saved me the trouble of having to go through a password reset with the website. Here’s how to find Credential Manager:

For Windows 7, just pull up the Start Menu and type Credential Manager.

For Windows 8 type Credential Manager in the search box with Settings selected.

Either way the result should be Credential Manager. Click on the icon.

You’ll get a window reading Store credentials for automatic log in. You’ll either see a list of your stored credentials or the options to add credentials.  When you’re entering a password and get the prompt “Do you want Windows to remember your password?”, selecting “Yes” will add the information to your credentials.  Adding a credential manually is fairly simple. You add the internet address of the log in page for the site you wish to visit. and your log on and password.

Here’s what your list of stored information should look like.

By clicking the arrow next to each entry you can see more information. You can also choose to remove the stored information if you like.

You can also choose to see your password, but you will have to enter your Windows log on information first.

~ Cynthia