Did you know that there are over 35 million apartment dwellers in the United States? And the number is climbing yearly. Did you know that apartments contribute 1.1 trillion dollars to the economy each year? I had no idea but this fun, interactive infographic shares a lot of interesting information about apartments. 

Once the site loads, click the right arrow to continue. As you navigate the site you’ll use the arrows to navigate. You can either click them or use the right and left arrows on your keyboard. You are a bicyclist, riding past apartment buildings and as you do you learn new facts about apartments and their role in the economy and the social fabric of our culture.

The infographic is divided into sections: We Live Here, We Work Here, and We Spend Here.  Take your tour through and see what you learn! 

You’ll find more information located on the menu bar beneath the infographic with sections like the Economic Impact Calculator, Apartment Impact By State, About, and a handy button that lets you Share the site with ease over your favorite social media network or via e-mail. 

I thought this site gave an interesting look into the world of apartments and its impact on the world! Check it out today!