Dan Dzurek from Hollywood Fla writes:

Thanks for your tips in the past! I need help to reset the number of messages displayed in Yahoo mail. I can’t seem to contact them, can you help? Thanks, again!

 Note: A few days after I walked through Yahoo, grabbed the screen shots and wrote this tip, the look of my Yahoo Mail completely changed. Right now there appears to be no option for adjusting the number of messages on in this updated version. But I’ll keep looking for a solution and let you know if I find one..

Dan, the first thing you’ll need to do is log onto your Yahoo! mail account and click the little gear in the upper right of the page. Then select Mail Options from the drop-down menu.

Or, just select the Options tab at the top of your Inbox.


At the top of the list in Options, you’ll find Behavior. There you can select the number of messages displayed per page from a drop-down menu.

Remember to select Save, in order to save your changes. I have a bad habit of skipping that step and wondering why my changes don’t stick.

Let us know if this solution works for you.

~ Cynthia