Diane Jones from Hillsborough, NJ writes:

How can you STOP the conversation link in Outlook.com BUT KEEP the drop down so you can print, see source etc… Once you have the conversation answered; it wipes out your end of it. If someone asks a question to what you wrote; you can\’t look at it to answer. If you stop the conversation; you no longer have the drop down menu. The print menu bar on top prints the entire page with your folders and any ads. It also cuts off everything on the right side of the message.

Good news Diane, the drop-down menu isn’t related to whether or not you have the conversation view on at all.  To view source and get the print option, just open the message in Outlook.com and select the three dots at the top of the menu bar. You’ll get a drop-down menu that allows you to View message source and Print.

A reminder for printing in Outlook.com, make sure you are using the Outlook.com print option and not your browser’s print option. More on that at this link.

More good news for you Diane, is that you can turn the conversation view back on if you like.  I turned off conversation view in this test message, but if I click where it reads group messages by conversation,  I can turn the conversation settings on again.

It will take you to the Conversations settings page. Select Group messages by conversation and hit Save.

Your messages will be regrouped as a conversation.


Hope that makes it easier for you to navigate,

~ Cynthia