Like a lot of other people, I’ve done some complaining about the apps available for Windows 8. After all, Microsoft says it’s all about the apps – but they don’t have a great variety and some of them lack the features available in Android and iOS versions of apps.

But fair is fair, and I really have to compliment them on the Bing Weather App. It comes pre-installed and front and center on Windows 8. It’s what they call a “live tile,” so it updates continually as long as you’re connected with the Internet.

It performs the same functions as most other weather apps, but I have to say that it is very pretty to look at and fun to play with. Let’s take a tour. You’ll find the weather app as a tile on the Metro/Modern Screen or, if you’ve removed it from the Start Screen, in Apps.

 Your start screen is the current temperature and conditions where you are and a five day forecast. You may have to enter a location for your home weather, but that’s really simple. The neatest visual feature of this app is that it’s actually one large continuous screen that you navigate either by swiping right to left on a touch screen or using the scroll bar at the bottom of the page. 

Among the features is the hourly forecast:

And a regional map you can view by temperature, radar, precipitation, satellite and cloud cover.

Weather geeks will enjoy the historical data feature, which features temperatures plus rain and snow accumulations. 

 I enjoyed applying the temperature, radar, precipitation, satellite and cloud filters to see what was happening in the rest of the country and what sort of storm systems might be headed to the Midwest.

 You can check the weather out anywhere in the world, so I took a look at the Netherlands. I have a friend who lives there and I know thunderstorms have been keeping her awake at night lately, (she hates them) so I thought I’d check the forecast there. Speaking of Europe, you can also change the temperatures Celsius with one touch.  And you’ve got the option to check out ski resorts. Not a big deal here in the U.S. in June, but handy for fans of winter spots when winter gets here.

Another nice features is the ability to add several locations to your favorites. I picked my hometown, two towns where my friends live and the capitol of Tahiti. I visited there once and hope to go back someday, so I keep an eye on the weather.

 It’s  not so much that this App does things that other apps don’t do. It’s just looks good while doing it. It is responsive and attractive. I find it a pleasure to explore. It is especially nice if you have a tablet.

If you have Windows 8, give it a look.

~ Cynthia