As burnt out as I was at the end of my undergraduate study, I still found myself looking up free summer courses. I found Open Yale Courses where you can choose from a selection of introductory courses taught by Yale faculty for free.  

There’s no registration which means you can dive right in. I would start on the About page and learn what the Open Yale project is, who leads it, and even points you in the direction of where to find help should you need it. 

Now back on the page, let’s talk about navigation. You can use the menu tabs at the top of the page to get to  Courses, About, Terms of Use, and Support OYC sections of the site. When you mouse over the Courses tab, you’ll see the selection of departments that you can browse. You can also select view all courses to look at the complete course listing at one time.

I am studying literature for my Masters degree with an emphasis on Medieval texts so I was very pleased to discover a medieval history course that I can use to supplement my knowledge of the time period that leads up to the period I’m studying. I have Chaucer class this fall that I want to buff up my knowledge for.  I am also checking out the Philosophy course that is featured in the scrolling feature section on the main page. I’ll also more than likely look at the Milton course.  

Once you’ve selected a course you’ll be whisked away to its landing page, there you can read the course description, download your course materials, and learn a little bit about the professor who is teaching it. Once you’ve downloaded your course materials, you’ll need to unzip them and then open up the course files to find sessions.html that will take you to the course’s landing page where you can access all the different lessons. (This was the case for both the Milton and the Early Medieval classes I checked out prior to writing this). Then all you have to do is work your way through the course material. 

These are courses that were taught to Yale University student’s and then recorded specifically for this project, so be sure to check out anything that catches your fancy because it should definitely be highly educational.