Charles from Canada writes:

I am looking for a program whereby I can download magazine from a site called JW.Org, I know there are programs out there but being as inexperienced as I am I don’t know what to look for . Do you sell software suitable to this type of downloads? There are many looking for such a program. Cheers, Charles

Thanks for thinking of us Charles, but I have some great news. You don’t need to buy anything to be able to read your magazines. I checked out the site you mentioned and see that the magazines are available for downloads in the EPUB format and as PDFs. 

You can read a PDF with a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader.  You can download that for free at this link.   If you wish to read your magazine on a tablet, you can find free PDF readers in the Google Play Store here.

Free PDF readers for iPad are available in the iTunes Store here.

If you’d prefer the EPUB format, you can download, Calibre free for both PC, Mac and tablet here.

Happy reading.

~ Cynthia