Deb from Florida Keys writes: Please explain (In Detail) how to do a screen Capture.

Thanks Very Much, Deb

Deb,  since you don’t specify on what type of device you wish to capture an image, I’ll explain how to grab an image in Windows. Hold down the CTRL key on the lower left of your keyboard at the same time you press the PrtScrn key in the upper right area. That action will grab the image. Some keyboards may require you to use hold down the Alt key + PrtScrn. Then you’ll need to open an image editing program such as Paint and press CRTL + V or  right click your  mouse and select Paste from the options offered.

The image you grabbed will appear in the program.

Re-size or crop the image according to your needs and save it as whatever type of file works best for you.

Now your screen shot is just like any other image saved on your computer.

I do a lot of screen captures every day and it’s a pretty simple process once you get the hang of it.

~ Cynthia