James from USA writes:

I have my phone and it is a HTC. I want to install the Bible from the internet on my phone. Can you walk me through? The Bible icon is on the phone.

James, if the icon is already there, you might have a Bible app already on your phone. If so, tap it and see what happens. If the app is there, it should open or give you instructions for installation.   If you would like to find a Bible app for your phone, it’s pretty easy. You don’t say if your HTC is a Windows or Android phone.

If you have an Android phone, go to the Google Play Store and search Bible

If you have a Windows phone, go to the Windows Phone Store and search Bible.

Both stores will bring back a variety of free Bible and Bible study apps that you can install on your phone. To install, just tap the install button and the app will download to your phone.

~ Cynthia