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I’m about to start training for my graduate assistantship position this month, and so I’ve been looking for sites to help my brush up on my web skills. It’s been a really long time since I coded anything and I need to re-familiarize myself with changes in software, coding, and aesthetics. To do so I searched the web for some sites that will help me build my skills back up. One of those sites is today’s Cool Site, Skill Crush. 

I’m bringing you the site for the free class, which will introduce you to HTML. It will familiarize you with what it looks like, how it operates, and how you can view the source of your favorite pages. You’ll also get a look at their Project Editor. 

So to begin, click the red Start Now For Free and work your way through the eight steps. On the ninth step, you’ll sign up for Skill Crush. To register you can either F-connect with your Facebook account (which is what I did) or you can fill out the registration form and click the blue Register button. 

Once you’ve signed in, you can take the free 001: Get to know HTML class. It gives you three challenges: 1) add a paragraph and headline to your site, 2) add more content to your site, and 3) go wild in the code editor.  

The first lesson is the tutorial that you can go through without logging in, but Step 9 is no longer a registration tab, and instead a practice tab. You’ll go to your project and add a paragraph and headline to your site. 

The second lesson builds upon the first and start teaching you the language of HTML.  You’ll get handy download with all the HTML tags you’ll need to create web content. 

I like the integration between video, text, and exercises that they put together to help teach you HTML. 

This is a great free way to start learning HTML. I worked my way through it as a refresher and was quite happy that I remembered more than I thought I did!


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