Teresa from Missouri writes “Every time I open a web page, a little box comes up that says “only secure content displayed.” Is there anyway to keep this from coming up?”

Hi, Teresa.  Thanks for the great question.

I was actually dealing with this myself recently.  I sign on to my schedule with my day job through a VPN (virtual private network), and at the time that I started getting that prompt I started having problems with my schedule not displaying properly.  It turned out that the message had nothing to do with my problem, but it’s funny that they coincided, and almost coincided with your question.

Here’s what’s happening.  When you have both secure (https) and non-secure (http) content on one page, Internet Explorer is set up to default to “notify”, which means that when you encounter a page like that, you’ll see the message

You’ll see this a lot on store websites and other websites that require you to enter personal information.  The risk is hackers getting your personal info.

One solution to this is to stop using Internet Explorer and start using something like Firefox or Chrome.  A few years ago, an IE addicted friend of mine sent me the list of the twenty or so known vulnerabilities in Firefox.  I replied with the HUNDREDS of known vulnerabilities in IE.  He stopped pestering me at that point.  My point is that Firefox doesn’t nag like this.

The other solution is to change your IE settings so that it will stop notifying you.  There are two other options besides PROMPT.  Those are ENABLE and DISABLE.  Both of these will stop the notifications.  ENABLE will allow all of the non-secure content to come through uncensored and DISABLE will stop all of it.  DISABLE will keep you safe, but will make it very difficult to use the internet.  ENABLE may not keep you 100% safe (although if you see the padlock in the address bar you’re probably okay) but will get rid of the notifications for you and make it very easy to surf.

Here’s how to change those settings:  Open your Internet Explorer, click on TOOLS and then INTERNET OPTIONS.

Once that’s open, click on the SECURITY tab and then CUSTOM LEVEL.

Scroll down until you find DISPLAY MIXED CONTENT under MISCELLANEOUS.

If you choose DISABLE or ENABLE, you will get rid of that prompt.

Hope that this helps!

Randal Schaffer