Do Friend Request E-mails Come From Facebook Or My Friends?

Warren T. from Belair, MD writes:

Hi everyone,

When Facebook sends me a email saying something like “so & so wants to be your friend on Facebook” does that necessarily come from my “friend” or might Facebook generate these? Thank you much for your time and all the great tips and products through the years.

Warren T.

Warren, when you get an e-mail notifying you of a friend request, it is automatically generated by Facebook as the result of someone making a friend request.  You might also receive e-mails suggesting friends, usually worded something like “Do you know John Doe?” or “People you might know.” Those types of e-mails are generated by Facebook to encourage you to connect with more friends.

One way to make sure the e-mail is legitimate and not a phishing scam of some kind is to head over to your Facebook page.  Click the Friend Request Icon, it’s in the upper left of the page and looks like this:

If you have friend pending friend requests, you’ll get a drop-down menu like this:

You can confirm or deny requests as you choose from here.

~ Cynthia

2 thoughts on “Do Friend Request E-mails Come From Facebook Or My Friends?

  1. Facebook is the most demanding, obnoxious, intrusive, deceitful piece of networking I’ve ever had the misfortune to come across. I can’t wait for it’s demise. And you can put Twitter right along with it…

  2. Could you take your answer one step further, because I am frequently poked on Facebook. What does that mean? And, I have yet to find out who it is that pokes me.

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