Welcome to Asana, a site that allows your entire company to plan, organize, and stay in sync with helpful task lists that sync over multiple platforms. I’m trying it out to see if I can keep everything I need to do in order between locations (home, office, school). 

When you arrive at the site, it looks like there’s just a log in and sign up option, but if you scroll down you’ll have some options that you can explore before signing up to gauge if it is a site you’ll use. The Learn More links will both take you to the same product overview if you click it. Again, you’ll need to scroll down to see all the information. They lay out how it works in different areas and if you pay attention to the photos they are on auto-scroll and change. You can also click the dots beneath them to click through if you don’t want to wait for the auto-scrolling. 

If you scroll past the Learn More prompts, you’ll find a video that I think does an excellent job of showing how Asana can work inside a company. It shows how efficient it can make delegating tasks and how streamlined the service is. Now I’m sure you’re curious about pricing. It’s free for up to 15 members. So start small and feel Asana out to see if it is a good fit for your company. So far, I’m really liking it to keep myself organized. 

To start trying it for free you have two options: you can sign up with your company e-mail or you can log in with a Google account. I sign in with my Google account. Once you’ve picked your method of logging in, you’ll be greeted by an introduction video! You definitely want to watch this video. It explains how Asana works and how to use it. There is also a text transcript of how it works if you click the link Read the Text Version in case you can’t use sound where you are viewing the video at. After watching the video, click Get Started.

Now you’ll start filling in your profile. Type in the display name you want, add a photograph of yourself (or whatever you want your icon to be), next you’ll add Teammates, and lastly you’ll name your Team. All that’s left now is for you to use it!

This is an awesome site to help your team (or in my case, myself) stay on task and work efficiently. Go check it out today!


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