Windows 8 Passes Vista, XP Still Popular

Windows 8 has finally passed the equally unpopular Windows Vista in the number of users according to the Net Applications’ NetMarketshare Tracker.

Windows 8 has been adopted by 5.10 percent of desktop systems tracked in the month of June with Vista dropping to 4.62 % of users.

Windows XP and Windows 7 both held pretty steady.  Windows 7 is used by 44.37 of tracked users and Windows XP is still hanging in with 37% of tracked users.

This points to slow but steady growth for Windows 8, but at this rate, it won’t hit XP’s level of popularity until 2016. Many users complained about the touch-friendly Windows 8 interface, finding it confusing and lacking some of the features of earlier Windows Operating systems. Windows 8 relies heavily on apps and was geared toward touch-screen devices and tablets. Windows tablet sales have been slow to take off.  However, recently announced changes coming to Windows 8 in Windows 8.1, could help.

Those changes include the return of something close to a Start Button, more control over the look of the Start Screen and better access to the SkyDrive.

Windows XP still has a loyal following despite the fact that Microsoft will be ending XP support in April 2014. That means no new security updates, bug fixes or support for the operating system.

XP will still function on computers, though. So it’s likely many loyal users will refuse to give up the stable, secure platform despite potential security risks.

~ Cynthia

0 thoughts on “Windows 8 Passes Vista, XP Still Popular

  1. I would imagine the reason behind xp looking so popular is actually there being hundreds or even thousands of businesses using that operating system. I know of no individual still using xp. Most are using either vista or 7! Businesses don’t upgrade the way individuals do by any means. Everybody hates 8 and rightfully so unless your using a touch screen, that very few people use today. This in itself makes this statement defunct in actually.

  2. XP was the best operating system that was ever created. I think Windows 8 is terrible, and when we recently bought a new computer, we were able to get one that had Windows 7 in it. I will avoid Windows 8 at all costs.

  3. I think the statement that Windows 8 has passed Vista is becuase those of us needing a new pc have no choice! I was hoping the release of 8.1 would address some of the (to me) backwards steps in Windows 8 but from what I have been reading, no such luck. Certainly not enjoying Windows8.

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