Summer Facts

Did you know that the Dog Days of Summer are the weeks from July 3 to August 11th and are named after the Sirius the Dog Star in the constellation of Canis Major? I didn’t! And further more the ancients blamed Sirius for the extreme temperatures, drought, sickness, and discomfort that came in late summer.

In case you hadn’t guessed yet, today’s site is full of awesome facts about Summer brought to you by the 20/20 Site. The categories are Fun Summer Facts, Random Summer Facts, Summer Weather Facts, Summer Sports Facts, and Summer Vacation. Check out the bulleted lists of facts beneath each category for some interesting summer tidbits.

Want more cool facts? Just check out the left side menu, and you’ll find tons of fun fact categories. I really liked the facts about blueberries, hummingbirds, and seahorses. You can easily loose track of time while checking out all this cool facts!


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