Critical Security Patches: TrueType Fonts & Windows Defender & More

Microsoft has several important security patches available for July, including fixes for a vulnerability that allows an attacker to get to your computer through TrueType Font files and important update to Windows Defender.

A vulnerability in Windows Defender could allow an attacker to get into an affected system and create new accounts with full user rights.  That’s a pretty big issues with a security program. While this vulnerability can’t be exploited without valid log-in credentials, you could have a situation where someone who was authorized to use the computer elevated himself or herself to an administrative position and did some real damage.

Also on the list, a cumulative update for Internet Explorer that takes care of 17 reported issues. The worst being vulnerabilities that allow an attacker to gain control of your system by directing you to a specially crafted website. The Internet Explorer update is probably the most crucial of the fixes.

A patch also tackles a vulnerability where an attacker could view shared content embedded in TrueType font files and use it to take complete control of an affected system.  Also addressed is an issue that could allow remote code execution in Microsoft Office, Microsoft Lync and Microsoft Visual Studio, again through TrueType font files.

If you’ve got Windows set to auto update, your programs should already have updated, as long as you’ve been connected to the Internet. 

Otherwise type “Check for updates” in your search box.


Then click on the Check for updates icon.


Now you can install any new updates.

For a complete list of the Windows July security updates, you can click here

To learn how to set up auto updating for Windows, click here.

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