Google Bans Adult Content From Google Glass

It’s been an unwritten rule of technology that the adult industry is always one of the early adopters of the latest tech innovations. Google recently released the Google Glass API, allowing developers to create apps for the platform. It has its first adult oriented app, with a name so inappropriate that it’s prompted a move by Google to change its developer policies to block adult content, according to¬†MiKandi.

 Facial Recognition Apps

Another type of app that Google is preventing, according to Venture Beat, are facial recognition apps. It puts a bit of a damper in getting an app that can help recognize the people you interact with, which would have been great for the many people who cannot put faces to names. One reason Google has moved against facial recognition apps is to protect the privacy of its users. Privacy has been a hot issue against Glass technology. They aren’t completely opposed to facial recognition, but are going to wait to develop strong privacy features. Google has always been lenient with apps in the Android marketplace, so these restrictions are a big change of pace.

What Can Developers Do With Google Glass?

Now that you know everything Google doesn’t want developers to do with Glass, it’s time to take a look at what they’re allowed to do. With the release of Google Glass API, third-party developers can create a variety of apps for this platform, according to Wired reports on the first wave of Glassware, the term used for third-party apps. CNN is getting on board by providing news updates, the major social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others are getting on board, and there’s a game coming, as well. Another interesting and useful app is Nest Thermostat. The app creates smart thermostats to help with temperature control in houses. You can control the temperature with the Glassware, as well as getting information on what the inside temperature and target temperature are. It’s a great way to show how useful Google Glass can be on a daily basis, instead of just another way to check your Facebook.

The Limitations and Advantages

While it will take time before Google’s new project makes its way to the consumer market, developers know they need to get on board early in order to work out all of the kinks in their apps. As they become more used to the limitations and advantages of this platform, third-party apps will continue to innovate and hopefully make Glass a piece of technology you will need to have. This is going to take time, however, and there’s a lot of growing pains Google needs to get out of the way first. Once the first few development issues are over, companies are going to bring popular mobile apps and brand new applications to the platform. Google is already seeing the big companies jumping on board, and it’s likely the smaller developers are going to try to become the next big developers

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