Sock Machine Museum

I’m all sorts of addicted to sock knitting right now. I have five pairs of the needles! So when I ran across this Sock Machine Museum, I knew I wanted to share it with you.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll learn some interesting facts about sock knitting machines right on the main page, then you’ll want to look at the navigation menu on the left to pick a museum to visit. I started at the top of the list with the American Sock Museum and worked my way through to the Scandinavian Sock Machine Museum which is last. It was really interesting to me how they could be so different and yet still churn out socks. 

When you click into one of the museums, all you have to do to navigate is scroll down. You’ll see images and receive information about the the different types of sock machines manufactured in that country.  The German section even features a cool advertisement for a sock knitting machine. 

I think it is really neat to be able to check out these different machines and take a look at how things were made before industrialization and the standardization it brought with it.


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