Why Did Microsoft Change To Outlook.com?

L. Elaine from Denver, Colorado writes:

Steve, I am almost 84 yeas old and your newsletter really helps a lot. I have a question. So many people I know really hate OUTLOOK.COM. Why would a company change if so many people do not like it?

Good question, there’s not one simple answer. But if I’d have to pick a word, I’d say Skydrive.  Skydrive is Microsoft’s cloud-based storage service.  It’s part of Microsoft’s goal of switching from a software company to a devices and services company. The backbone of those services is their cloud.  The changes to Microsoft’s free mail services  are intended to make them similar to their other cloud offerings and create a seamless user experience. 

Microsoft wants to be a hub where you can check your e-mail, manage your various social media contacts, keep a calendar that you can access from any device and store your files in the SkyDrive. The idea is that your Outlook.com user name will allow you to access a variety of services.

Change is usually not popular, though. If you have questions about Outlook.com – ask them by clicking here.

~ Cynthia


2 thoughts on “Why Did Microsoft Change To Outlook.com?

  1. With all the privacy issues today, I really don’t want all my information and files in one place where Microsoft can make it “One stop shopping” for all your info to the government or anyone else for that matter. It’s already been in the news that Microsoft has been turning over records.

  2. Cynthia is probably right at least in part about the reson they changed, but here is another reason. Not everyone is like L. Elaine, personally I like outlook.com better than the old hotmail.

    As for the whole cloud thing, the same thing is true at Google, signing up for their e-mail signs you up for lots of other stuff to.

    Terrence so have a lot of other companies.

    Darn I am beginning to sound like an MS employee or at least apologist but seriously I am neither, I just hate to see any company get ripped for stuff they aren’t the only ones doing.

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