Pin Websites To The Start Screen In Windows 8

If you have a Windows 8 tablet, you probably use it a great deal for browsing the Internet. It’s handy to have tiles for your favorite sites displayed front and center, so you don’t have to always open your browser and pull up favorites. This also works for a Windows 8 computer with a mouse or track pad.

In the Internet Explorer Metro/Modern App, pull the website you want to pin to the Start Screen.

Down in the right corner where the address bar is on this app, you’ll see a little pin icon. Tap or click it to select.

You’ll get the option to pin the page to the Start or to Favorites. Select Start.

The website will now appear as a tile on the end of your app list on the Metro/Modern screen.

If you’d prefer to move the tile to a different location, here’s how to do it. Press down on the tile with your finger and move it down slightly or single-click with your mouse, hold down the button and pull down slightly.  The tile will turn transparent and you’ll be able to move it. Keep your finger on the tile or the mouse button.

Now, just drag the tile where you wish to place it on the Start Screen.

When you get to where you want to be, either take your finger off the screen or the mouse button and the tile will fall into place.

The Start Screen of Windows 8 is highly customizable, once you get used to the navigation. Remember, if you have any questions about Window 8, ask them here.

~ Cynthia

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