How Do You Snap Apps In Windows 8?

Ray from Ft. Worth, TX writes: What does snap apps mean in Windows 8? How you do it?

Snap apps means the ability to view two open apps at the same time in Windows 8. Snapping the apps can be a tricky process until you get used to it. To snap an app, you’ll need to have both apps you want to use open.  In this example, I’m in Word and am going to open a video program as well.  For a touch screen, you swipe in from the left edge of the screen and you’ll see a thumbnail of the app you wish to place. Keep moving it to the right with a slight motion back to the left and the app switcher bar will appear. With a mouse, put the cursor to the upper left corner and then move the cursor down the left edge of the screen to display the app switcher.


This is what the apps will look like when snapped.



I will warn you, it’s tricky to get the touch down right to make this work. However, it is a nice feature.

~ Cynthia

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