Janice from Evans, GA writes:

I purchased the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 thru my company’s home purchase program. You need Windows 7 or higher to run this program. So, I go to Best Buy to get it, and it’s not in stock.  Windows 8 has warning that if you are running Windows  Vista  (I am) then you will have to load 8 and reload all your programs. Are you ready for the question? What should I do? Order 7 from Amazon and load it(what warnings will come with that) or should I go ahead and buy 8 and hope I have backup for all of my programs. I have a Toshiba laptop purchased around 2005 and I do not even know if it will support Windows 8.

In your situation, I’d probably suggest staying with Windows 7. You should be able to purchase the Windows 7 Upgrade since you have Vista. The program you purchase online via Amazon will be the same version you would have purchased at Best Buy. You could also purchase Windows 7 at Bestbuy.com or directly from Microsoft at microsoftstore.com.

To learn how to find out if your laptop is compatible with Windows 8, check out this article on Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant.

Hope this helps,

~ Cynthia