An Instagram Account You Need To Follow

You might think an article about the Instagram account of federal agency is going to be a sordid tale of government waste, inappropriate posts and privacy violations, but this is an article about something the government is doing right, in fact, it’s pretty spectacular.  If you use Instagram, the popular social photo sharing service, you need to follow the U.S. Department of the Interior under the username usinterior on Instagram.  In fact, I have to insist. Check out this spectacular shot:

The best thing about this account is not only do you get gorgeous photos of America’s national parks and monuments like this:

But the captions are educational as well.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to rent an RV and travel the country after looking through these shots. Shots like these are a pleasure to see turn up in your Instagram feed between photos of pets and food and awkwardly posed self-portraits.

Look at this stunner:

 This shot was taken as part of the Summer in America Great Outdoors Project

If you want to see more entries in this project, you can check out the flickr group here. 

So, Tim Fullerton, Director of Digital Strategy of the U.S. Department of the Interior: Good job.  Nice use of social media and nice showcase for America the beautiful.

~ Cynthia

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