How To Change Mouse Pointer In Windows 7

Jeanette writes:

I would like to have a mouse pointer, Windows 7 doesn’t have any to choose from. I have Googled it, but they don’t look like mouse pointers, your suggestion is much appreciated.

Jeanette, to change a mouse pointer in Windows 7, open the Start Menu and type Mouse Pointer in the search box.  One of your results will be Change how mouse pointer looks. Double – click on that.

A window for Mouse Properties will open and you’ll want to select the Pointer tab. You can click on the Schemes drop-down window and look through a variety of pointer options large and small.  You will see the preview of the pointer on the right. When you find the look you like, be sure to click Apply.

~ Cynthia

3 thoughts on “How To Change Mouse Pointer In Windows 7

  1. Two things I see here, either Jeanette really didn’t look at all for the place to change mouse pointers in Win 7 or Cynthia misunderstood the question because Jeanette didn’t express it very well. The way to change the mouse pointers hasn’t really moved since Win XP, one problem though is finding it that I would guess is why Cynthia suggested using search. Click Start, Control Panel, Mouse. Unless your Control panel is still set to Category view, which I personally dislike. If it is in category view I would suggest changing it to Large Icon view, there is a link in the upper with hand corner to do this. If you like category view then the mouse setting is under the Hardware and Sound category.

    I suspect however that what Jeanette really wanted was some funny mouse pointers like fingers, dinosaurs, or maybe even the bronze ones, but something besides just plain arrows and hourglasses. These are not available by default in Win 7 for some reason but a quick search on Bing did find some including some from which is a safe place to download from. Go there and do a search for cursor, CursorFX seems to be pretty well rated though I have not tried it, I gave up on goofy mouse pointers years ago.

    1. I believe Mark has correctly identified the problem here. I believe Cynthia wants a “mouse” pointer; that is, one that looks like a “mouse” rather than an arrow or even other creatures.

  2. went to the control panel, to mouse and it won’t open. Double click and even got an “open” box to come up, it won’t open either. Any idea what’s up with that?

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