Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat?

Summer is a great time to re-commit to getting in shape because the weather is nicer, so you can get outdoors more often and be active. I’ve been trying to get out as much as I can (not during the awful heatwave though) and enjoy the weather and be more active.

When I was a girl I spent my summers swimming and riding my bike everywhere. I don’t know if it’s a blend of nostalgia and a desire to get fitter, or just nostalgia alone that is making me yearn for those activities. Although the heatwave probably caused the longing to swim.  I also personally find it easier to eat healthy consistently in the summer, because of the bountiful seasonal produce that is available now. 

So in light of all that, I thought I’d bring you a cool blog devoted to eating right and getting fit. What I like about this blog in particular is that there are a lot of recipes, videos, and awesome printables for dieters.

Navigation is simple, you scroll down the page blog style. You can find the link to the printables at the top of the page.  And who can’t use a dose of diet humor now and again?  

I really can’t wait to see this site grow, and those printables are awesome, go check it out today!


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