HBO GO And ESPN Come To Apple TV

Owners of the Apple TV have long been desperate for HBO Go and WatchESPN to be made available for their perusal, and now, they’re finally in luck. Apple recently announced the addition of these two platforms to its lineup, placing it in a category that is also filled by such viewing platforms as Hulu Plus and Netflix. This development expands the ability of Apple TV users to watch their favorite television shows and makes the box-top gadget a more appealing purchase for those who have yet to join the trend.

How Will HBO Go and WatchESPN Impact Apple TV Sales?

It’s impossible fully to predict the impact HBO Go and WatchESPN will have on sales of the Apple TV, but early estimates appear promising. HBO viewers have long complained of the necessity of a cable subscription in order to view favorite shows such as “Game of Thrones” and “Girls.” After all, in addition to that cable subscription, viewers are also forced to pay additional HBO prices. But the addition of Apple to HBO Go allows for access to popular HBO shows without the burden of a cable subscription. Viewers will need to pay for the Apple TV, of course, but many will be happy to do so if it means they no longer are attached to hefty cable bills.

The addition of WatchESPN is also sure to boost sales of the Apple TV, largely because it has proven so popular as an iOS app. Although live sports from the MLB, NHL, and NBA are already available for viewing with the help of the Apple TV, WatchESPN’s presence will greatly expand the sports programming available to viewers. Now, Apple TV users can enjoy access to “Monday Night Football,” several major golf tournaments and all four of the “Grand Slam” tennis events.

Apple’s Expanding Role In Television

This latest development in Apple TV programming is just another in a series of changes that have proven the tech company’s determination to leave its mark on television. Ideally, the goal of Apple is to make a greater cross section of television available to a greater portion of the population at a cost far lower than what is available with current cable networks.

While Apple’s emergence on the market has raised the concerns of some cable leaders, experts feel that Apple TV could be mutually beneficial for Apple and such cable services as For example, the availability of the Apple TV might mean that cable companies no longer have to install and then retrieve rented cable boxes. Other advantages would be sure to follow.

As HBO Go and WatchESPN are added to the growing applications on the Apple TV, one thing remains the same; Apple is just as adept at shaking up comfortable markets as ever, and this time, the company is likely to transform the way we think about and watch television.

~ Andrew White

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