How Do I Forward To Specific People In

Sharon from California writes:

Why when I want to forward an email in do I have to send it to everyone on my list instead of just who I want to send it to? It is very aggravating.

Sharon, you should be able to forward to just the people you like. Let’s check out how.  First open and select the message you wish to forward.



Click the arrow next to Reply on the top menu bar.



Choose Forward from the drop-down menu.



It may look at first like you have a limited number of options on who to forward your message to.



Click on To.



Now, you’ll see a complete list of your contacts.




Click or tap once on a contact to select. When you select a contact, his or her name will appear in the To box at the top.



Scroll down and click once on other contacts to select their names.



Once you’ve finished, choose recipients for your forwarded message, simply click or tap Send at the top of the message.


~ Cynthia

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  1. Great reply. Wish everyone could read it. Some folks don’t understand how to do email and make a muck of it everyday….

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